Netgear SSL VPN Concentrator

Prepare your certificate in a zipped file (with .zip extension and including server.key and server.crt) to upload it into the SSL VPN Concentrator.

Upload and enable certificate:

  1. Go to System Configuration menu.
  2. Select Certificates under it into the left navigation panel.
  3. In the Import Digital Certificate table, select Browse to locate the zipped certificate on your certificate.
  4. Click Upload to save the file in the Cert Description table (it should be displayed there after all).
  5. In the View Certificates window that is opened, enter the Certificate Password (if applicable) and click Enable.
  6. SSL VPN concentrator will be restarted and it will use the new certificate thereafter.
  7. You can view the details of a certificate by clicking the Cert Description link.
  8. Status of a certificate is Active, if the certificate is with the validity period.