Server IBM Lotus Domino

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using IBM Lotus Domino

Launch the Domino Administration client.

Select: File, Open Server and the Domino server you wish to administer.

Click the file tab, double click on Server Certificate Administration database (certsrv.nsf).

From the administration panel, click System Databases and choose Open Domino Server Certificate Administration (certsrv.nsf) on the local machine.

Click Create Key Ring.

Enter a name for the key ring file in the Key Ring File Name field.

Enter a password for the server key ring file in the Key Ring Password field.

Choose 2048-bit length key.

Specify the components of your server's distinguished name:
Common Name [domain name]: www.Your-Domain.com
Organization [company name]: company ltd
Organization Unit: IT
City: city
State: state or province
Country [2 letter code]: PL

Click Create Key Ring. Click OK.

Click Create Certificate Request.

Copy the content of the second dialog box field to a text editor and save it as csr.txt on your harddisk.