Oracle Wallet Manager

Generate a Private Key and CSR for Oracle Wallet Manager

Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable - open a terminal window and use a command:
export ORACLE_HOME=/home/oracle/infra
Now change directory $ORACLE_HOME/bin by using a command:
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
$ owm&

Open Oracle Wallet Manager.

Choose Wallet menu and click New menu option.

A warning "default directory does not exist" will display - click Yes to save wallet.

New Wallet window will appear - type password welcome1 and click OK.

Enter information about your company and the domain you would like to secure:

Common Name (CN) domain name you would like to secure: www.YourDomain.com (or *.YourDomain.com for Wildcard certificates)
Organization (0) company name: You Ltd
Organizational Unit (OU) your section or division of the organization: IT
City or Locality (L): Krakow
State (S) or Province: malopolskie
Country (C): Polska
E-mail: you@YourDomain.com
Key Bit Length: 2048-bit

Click OK to confirm all data you have entered.

Your CSR will be in the panel on the right.

Save a copy of CSR. You will need it after ordering process.