Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Generating a CSR for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Go to your server using menu Start: click Programs, then Administrative Tools and choose Office Communications Server 2007.

Find your installed Enterprise Edition Server: expand items in the snap-in window.

Right-click on the correct server name and select Certificates option.

The Certificate Wizard welcome screen will appear. Click Next to go further.

Choose Create a new Certificate option and click Next.

Choose Prepare the request now, but send it later option and click Next.

In a new window type a name for your certificate (Name section). Make sure the bit length is minimum 2048.

Check also Mark cert as exportable option, if you plan to export the certificate to other servers. Click Next.

Next windows will required information about the domain would be secure and its owner.

Organization Information window:

  • for Organization type full name of your company,
  • for Organization unit type your department, e.g. IT.

Click Next.

Your Server's Subject Name window:

  • for Subject name type your domain name,
  • for Multi-Domain Certificates use Subject Alternative Name option to type all domains you are planning to secure (use a comma to separate them),
  • select the option Automatically add local computer name.

Click Next.

Geographical Information window:

  • choose your country, state and city.

Click Next.

Now you have to save the CSR file. Type a name for it and choose location where you would like to save it (it will be a .txt file). You will need this file after ordered the SSL product. Click Save.

Check all information in Request Summary window. Click Next to finish it will save the CSR file to the location you entered earlier.