Exchange 2007

Creating a CSR on Exchange 2007

In order to create a CSR on Exchange 2007, you must use the New-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet which can be used from the Exchange Management Shell (click Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and then click Exchange Management Shell).

The 'GenerateRequest' parameter for this cmdlet will create the CSR, as a PKCS#10 file which we will then use to create your certificate.

The 'SubjectName' parameter contains the details that are signed into the certificate. The 'CN' parameter is the PrimaryDomainName (please use a fully qualified domain name [FQDN]).

An example command to generate a request would be:
New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -SubjectName "C=GB, O=your company, CN=your domain" -Path c:\exchange.comodo.com.req
The resulting 'exchange.comodo.com.req' file can be opened in text-editor.

If you plan on exporting your certificate from your server or making a backup of this you will need to use the below command to enable this:
New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -SubjectName "C=GB, O=your company, CN=your domain name" -Path c:\exchange.comodo.com.req -PrivateKeyExportable $true
This is the bare minimum that we require for UCC CSRs. We do not need the other domains included in the CSR. There are places for them on the UCC order form. To include them in the CSR use the following command:
New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -SubjectName "C=GB, O=your company, CN=your main domain name" -2nd domain name, 3rd domain name, exchange.comodo.com, pop.server1.com -Path c:\exchange.comodo.com.req -PrivateKeyExportable $true