Citrix Access Gateway

CSR file is generated through the Certificate Request Generator from the Administration Tool.

1. In the Access Gateway Administration Tool select the Access Gateway Cluster tab and open the Access Gateway window.
2. Now choose Certificate Signing Request tab and type following information:

  • country, state and city where the company is located,
  • company name with the device responsible for SSL certificate,
  • full domain name which will be protected,
  • e-mail address to the person who will manage certificate,
  • private key password,
  • encryption key (minimum is 2048-bit).

3. Click Generate Request.
4. Type the name file and Save button.
5. Information about generated CSR file appears.
6. File is stored in Access Gateway. Open it in simple text editor and copy it with BEGIN and END lines.
7. You will need it during issuing SSL certificate.